Kids Fall Favourites

For quite a while now I’m trying to buy less, but therefore qualitatively higher and more sustainable clothes for our twin girls. Sure there are exceptions, but, for me personally, it is well invested money when it comes down to quality, starting with the feel and ending up with the condition after numerous washings.

Having fall and winter waiting just around the corner I did some shopping for the girls already. I know, totally crazy considering that summer has not even reached its peak yet…But sometimes, you might know it yourself, the temptation is too high…

The first items moving in were those from the new tinycottons collection „ALTIPLANO“. They have got some cool prints in this fall which I decided to combine with some casual denims.

The next shopping destination Monkind Berlin. They have launched their new collection „DEPICTION“ at the beginning of August and I could not resist getting the girls a pair of these lovely stripy skirts plus some of the softest sweaters.

And last but not least I got some new basics from Gray Label. I mostly re-stocked some of my all time favorites which the girls have grown out of lately, including the seamless baggy pants or the wide neck hooded sweaters. But also tried out some new stuff like the tights. Some other items are still on my wishlist, but that requires some persuasion of my husband… 🙂

As you can see, I tried to find a good mix of unicoloured and patterned items which can also be combined across the different labels fairly well.

On a side note, I bought all of the above shown items myself.
They are no PR-samples or else.
It are simply recommendations based on my own conviction and experience.

If you have any good recommendations for great organic kids clothing brands feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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