3 Years a Twin

On Friday we celebrated the 3rd birthday of our twin girls.
3 years? 3 years!

These last three years have probably been the most exhausting, most challenging ones in our lives. They have been filled with lots of laughter, funny moments, great experiences, adventures, but sometimes also tears.

The first year – which you always get told is the toughest one of all – was a real blessing for us. Our babies had a very balanced nature, never had to struggle with colics or else. So for us the first year was actually the most relaxed and calm one, instead of the hardest.

After the big first birthday things started to become harder.
The girls made a great leap forward in their development, starting to walk, starting to speak, learning to eat themselves and much more. But it was also the time when they started to get niggling and grouchy a lot, starting to yell even for the tinies thing that did not went their way.

Since birthday number two it slowly started to get better again.
Or as most parents prefer to say, it is not getting better, it is getting different.
At the age of two they also started to go to the kindergarten. That again initiated a phase of great development. Their speech developed tremendously in what seemed a flicker of a second and often we were sitting at the dinner table with the girls babbling and us thinking „when the hell did they learn all that?“.

Now at the age of 3 they have become two independent, strong-minded girls, finding their way in this world.
They are also more and more growing together as twins, somewhat becoming allies, facing the challenges awaiting them side by side.

We are more than exited to see how the journey of their lives will continue in the next years.
We will try our best to guide them, to be there for them whenever they need us but also to give them room to make experiences freely.

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