Cruise Ship Travels

In May 2o16 we went on our first big journey after the birth of our twin girls. It was about time to get a bit farther away than the Netherlands again. Our wanderlust was extremely high due as our last trip far far away was back in 2013.

So, why a cruise ship journey?

We were looking for something which would takes us to some exciting places we have not been before in a relatively short period of time,  while at the same time not having to take care of anything, from driving to cooking etc.

Where did it take us?

We made the 10-day tour across the Eastern Sea with the AIDAdiva, taking us to cities like Talin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhague.
Some of these cities were and still are on our Travel Bucket List. And the cruise ship tour was a good opportunity to get a first impression of those cities and definitely confirmed our wish to go back one day.

Our favorite stops by far were Stockholm and Copenhague.
I cannot really express why but it was this immediate feeling at home impression and the open-mindedness and friendliness of the people that made us enjoy our time to the fullest there. Raising the wish to come back and conquer more of the lovely hidden places, sweet cafes, parks…

St. Petersburg was also impressive in certain ways. Our favorite spot there was the Savior on Blood Church. Very colorful not only from the outside but also from the inside. If you should ever go there this is definitely one of the many churches in the city not to miss.


Can we recommend cruise ship tours?

It was without a doubt worth the experience and trying out this special way of traveling.
But in the next years I think we will stick to the way of traveling we tended to do before our kids were born. Means exploring new places without time pressure, trying to find a good mix of typical tourist sights and simple strolling around, trying to see and perceive things like the locals do.


I am excited to hear what is YOUR favorite way of traveling? (from backpacking to road tripping and else…)

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