My Travel Notebook

When I was younger I used to write travel notebooks during longer trips.
Mainly to reflect the experiences and special moments of the day while at the same time creating a lasting memory.

On our trip to South Africa next year I would like to get back to that tradition and write a travel journal about our time there, about places we visited, adventures we went on, people we met and much more.
Because I wanted my new travel notebook to be special and somewhat individual I made a bit of research and finally discovered the Travelers Company (formerly known as Midori) traveler’s notebooks.

It is basically a really soft leather cover which is individualized on the inside by the various inserts available. For my South Africa travel journal I chose the regular size notebook in camel.







As for the inserts I sticked with the checked notebooks as I am horrible at writing properly on blanko paper.







In addition to the notebook inserts I got the zipper pouch as well as the document craft folder which can both be used to store tickets, maps and all sorts of things collected during our trip. The back of the zipper pouch I already filled up with some accessories like word stickers and some washi tape to pimp up individual entries a little if suitable.







However, I plan not only to use the notebook during our trip but also for planning beforehand. Means preparing packing lists for all sorts of things, noting places to explore at the different locations where we will stay or nice cafes and restaurants for taking a break during the day.

I will keep you update on how my travel notebook fills up and finally comes to life in the next weeks/months 🙂

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