The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Most of the time that is what probably describes our girls best when it comes down to eating and food.

Since they have left the stage of drinking milk and eating baby mush we try to offer them an as wide range of different foods as possible.
This also means that they eat what we eat – with some exceptions like raw meat or else of course – but we are not cooking separately for them.
For us this has always worked out – so far – though I know from family and friends that this can be different – ranging from a little one who prefers to rather feed the family dog instead of himself to a boy who is so distracted and fascinated by the things happening around him that he nearly has to be forced eating.

What do they love most?

As said, our girls are eating nearly everything or at least try it, but they of course have their all time favourites.
For breakfast there is nothing about a bowl of yoghurt topped with granola and fresh fruits.
During the course of the day they love to snack all sorts of seasonal fruits, preferably apples!
For dinner they can be easily satisfied with a slice of tasty bread topped with cold cuts plus small tomatoes and cucumber as sides.
And – beware – do not forget the famous „Noodles“! Topped with ketchup…

Sweet Tooth

Although we – as probably all parents – try to educate our kids to eat and drink healthy, they sure sometimes also like a little sweet treat. May it be a glass of juice, cookies, wine gums or a piece of cake.
Nevertheless, we try to keep it at a minimum and try to teach them that from time to time it is fine but it should not become a regular habit.
Plus keeping in mind the wise words that the more you try to keep such things from a kid, the more the desire for it grows and might lead them to secretly plunder the sweets drawer.

Spinach walls?

Who has never heard the horror stories of food ending up everywhere but  in the kids tummy or of little ones using their spoons as a catapult and decorating the house walls with spinach.
Our kids have been pretty decent eaters since they starting eating on their own. Sure, they sometimes drop something or make a little mess, but in general they are staying clean. And when eating out the girls have been admired for their eating skills from time to time.

For the future I hope that they keep their love for food, stay curious and are open to at least try new things and develop a healthy relation to eating.


This post is part of the blog parade „Eating with kids“ initiated by the Elternhandbuch.
Thank you for fostering a discussion and exchange on this topic!


  1. Wow! I am impressed 😃 so great to hear, that there are little food lovers like yours out there! Und danke für den Beitrag zu unserer Blogparade ❤ Lieben Gruß Nicole vom Elternhandbuch

  2. Hi Laura,
    es gibt sie also wirklich. Die unkomplizierten Kids, die alles essen oder wenigstens probieren 🙂

    Danke für diesen Beitrag zu unserer Blogparade!

    Lieben Gruß

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