My Travel Bucket List

Next year we will be going to South Africa. Means I can cross out another destination on my Travel Bucket List

However, there are so many countries, cities and places left on it still.
So many great adventures hopefully to come in the next years.
Some of them we will share with our kids, others will have to wait till they have moved out or are old enough to stay home alone for a while..

What’s left on my Travel Bucket List

The destinations left on my travel bucket list are fairly mixed up. They range from short city trips to bigger road trips, from big cities to tiny villages.
In the next three years, before the girls are starting school, I would love to cross out at least the following from my list.

Road Trip across Iceland

Driving around the entire island with a rental car. Stopping in every corner of the island for a couple of days. Discovering the diversity of this beautiful country, from water falls, to geysirs, to endless landscape.

City Trip to Vienna

We have always loved to do short city trips from time to time. Vienna is one of those still left. Strolling along the Naschmarkt enjoying delicious treats, finding the best coffee in town or walking along the Ringstrasse.

Road trip along west Italy

Packing the car and off it goes. Stopping by in Rome, at the Amalfi coast, in Napoli… Soaking in the sun, the typical Italian flair and simple enjoying Bella Italia.

In the future I will reveal more destinations from my Travel Bucket List and take you with me on our adventures.

And just out of curiosity:
What are currently the top three destinations on your Travel Bucket List?

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